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True To his word!

“I’ve found Chuck to be true to his word, diligent about resolving any publication issues, and over-all just a really “user-friendly” guy to work with. His Community Shopper has become a consistent piece of Sew-Creative’s plans to capture customers by delivering an exceptional retail shopping experience. We’ve found that a good coupon offer is a great way to jump-start this new relationship.”

Les Weaver
Owner – Sew Creative Sewing & Vacuum, Wenatchee


“We have been pleased with the quality of the magazine where we are placing our brand. Chuck has been great to work with!”

Sherry Erikson
Owner - Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Wenatchee

Exposure needed!

“Working with Chuck through the Community Shopper has given my new business the exposure it needed to get off the ground. He was fair, professional and even helped design my ad when I had no idea where to start! Working with Chuck has been a 5-star experience!”

Mark Anderton, DDS
Anderton Family Dental, Wenatchee

New Customers!

“We have really appreciated the added exposure to our business that being in the Community Shopper has given us. We have received many new customers as well as fun for our current customers to find our coupon and get a good deal. Chuck has been fantastic to work with – easy going, communicative and flexible. He is very professional and his flyer is well put together and one we are proud to be in!”

Jackie Stonas
Owner - Blue Spoon Yogurt, Wenatchee and East Wenatchee

Advertising expertise

“Chuck is a pleasure to work with. His advertising expertise has helped me create a simple and effective ad to reach out to my local community. The response from people has been great!”

Randy O’Banion
O’Banion Brothers Insurance Agency, East Wenatchee


“Community Shopper has been Amazing! The return on our investment has been out the roof! Not to say the least Chuck is wonderful to work with, very easy, responsive, & works in your best interest. I’ve done a lot of advertising and let’s just say this, NOTHING COMPARES TO COMMUNITY SHOPPER! I’m glad Chuck found us! Thank you!”

Angel Avelar
Owner - Young Bucks Landscaping & Tree Service, LLC, Wenatchee

Worth your money!

“Definitely worth your money! Since advertising in the Community Shopper, my business has had several new customers come in that have turned into repeat customers. Chuck is very easy to work with and doesn’t push you into anything that you aren’t ready for.”

Kathleen Kennedy
Owner - San Francisco Sourdough Eatery, Wenatchee

Extremely knowledgeable

“It has been a pleasure working with Chuck over the past year. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional regarding his product. He is on task and efficient, very down to earth and not pushy in anyway. I’ve been more than pleased with my experience advertising in the Community Shopper publication.”

Paul Kapeikis, DC
Kapeikis Chiropractic & Massage Clinic, PS, Wenatchee

Build your Brand at an Affordable Cost

“We have been very pleased with the return that the Community Shopper produces! It has given us the opportunity to WOW new guests that have not been to Denny’s in the past. In this market, the Community Shopper is a perfect way to build your brand at a cost that is not out of reach for small businesses. I would highly recommend Chuck’s publication! Give it a try – if you can get 10 new guests to come back day after day it will easily pay for itself.”

Brian Predmore
Operations Manager - Denny's of Wenatchee

Effective Advertising

“Community Shopper has by far been the most effective form of advertising we have found. The return on our investment has been unbelievable! Working with Chuck Caldwell has been a consistent part of CW Painting LLC’s efforts to capture customers by participating in an attractive magazine full of value that is mailed to the homes we seek to be in. After trying pretty much everything else available, the  Chuck has been amazing to work with – very professional, communicative and flexible. I’m glad Chuck paid a visit to us to offer his services and give us the opportunity to be a part of his business. He has definitely become a part of our business!”

George Montiel
Project Manager - CW Painting LLC, Wenatchee

Reach Customers That Other Marketing Companies Can’t!

Wenatchee Valley Community Shopper has helped us reach out to homes that other marketing companies couldn’t, giving us new friends and customers. It was the best and easiest decision we have ever made. Thank you Community Shopper!”

Sarina Garrett
Owner - Cupcake Blues, Wenatchee