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"The Community Shopper has worked out great for us here at Four Legs Good!  Not only does it give our loyal customers the gift of a discount every few months - which they love - it also brings in new customers looking to use our coupon.  Even people who don't have pets have said they've noticed our coupon in the Community Shopper and passed it on to friends & family that do.  The Community Shopper not only creates repeat customers, we think it also helps create name and logo recognition.  Thanks!"

Benita Veskimets, Owner

Four Legs Good Pet Supplies, Wallingford



 I have been advertising in "The Community Shopper" for over 4 years and it has been worth every penny!  Chuck Caldwell is always professional and very reliable.  The price of my advertisement is right. I like the magazine style format and the fact that it's distributed 5 times a year!  It's a great source of quality advertising for any business! 

Ellen Parker, Owner

Ballard Therapeutic Massage



Quality Sewing & Vacuum in Ballard has been advertising with Community Shopper for five years, and are consistently in both the Ballard & Greenlake-Wallingford magazines.  We have many different advertising options available to to us.  Community Shopper is the best, the publication alone is outstanding. The real difference is the service! The store also advertises with other avenues, I never see the rep. Chuck is on top of the game, he visits, he cares about the response, and he wants to know how things are going- Chuck CARES about his clients. If your business can only afford one direct mail piece - make it Community Shopper.

Shane Banks, Manager

Quality Sewing & Vacuum - Ballard Location



We have used the Community Shopper Coupon Magazine to promote our store in Redmond regularly for the past eight years. We have found Community Shopper to be an efficient use of our advertising dollars and very beneficial to our business. They have a great quality product that is user friendly and customers can carry the colorful magazine conveniently in their cars. We are also pleased with the professional quality of service that Chuck Caldwell provides and would recommend their product to any small business that would like to reach more customers locally!

Steve Karmali

Redmond Subway Franchise store owner.



 The Community Shopper has been an effective tool for our business from its inception late last year. We were looking for a cost effective way to expand our client database and by using the Community Shopper we found exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for reaching out to us! 

Mage Gangon

Desert Sun of Wallingford



Over the last 35 years, we have tried every possible form of advertising there is. We kept track of the returns on each one, and none of them ever seemed to work for us. The Community Shopper, however, has continued to bring in customers every mailing over the last nine years. We have since stopped using any type of advertising except the Yellow Pages and Community Shopper.

Jeff Woolslayer, Owner

Towne Furniture, Redmond



I have worked with Community Shopper and Chuck Caldwell going on eight years. I have had a great experience with them.  They are easy to work with, are very professional, and produce excellent ad copy design.  I have found that customers of both my stores like this format to receive special offers from Jet City Pizza and use them until the next issue comes out!

Tom Gray, Franchisee

Jet City Pizza, Redmond and Wedgwood stores 



I have been using the Community Shopper for the last 8 years. It has been a great direct mail piece. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to build their sales through direct mail. It is very important to understand that this product is not a one time hit. The first 5 or 6 times you might not see the return that you are looking for.... However if you stay with it you should get the same kind of return that I receive -- 40 to 50 coupons redeemed each and every month. My regular customers love to use my $5.00 off coupon. And the new customers.... wow!! They try it and become regulars! This product will continue to be my direct mail strategy for the future.

Bill Henkens
The Game Neighborhood Grill and Bar.



“I've been advertising with The Community Shopper for 11 years now, and it's always been my #1 marketing tool!  I get new customers bringing in Community Shopper coupons year-round, and my repeat customers come in more often because they can take advantage of the discounts they get from the coupons.  I have a modest advertising budget, and always feel confident about my choice to advertise with Community Shopper.”

Mary Anne Strusser, Owner

Paint the Town

University Village



We tried a few coupon mailers, and this one brought us customers within one week of being mailed out the first time!  Each time it comes out we get quite a few coupons back, and we love working with Chuck

Kara Ceriello

Not A Number, Wallingford



Over the past 20 years, I have tried a great many advertising "angles" in an ongoing effort to draw customers into Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe on a regular basis.  Some might say "Oh why bother with advertising after all this time you must have plenty of business."  Don't be lured into this mindset!  It is so very important to keep your business name in front of even your most regular customers--especially those right in the neighborhood.

The Community Shopper is the best tool I've found to do just that!  Believe me, I've tried them all!  This publication is attractive.  The high quality glossy paper with full color really makes the ads "pop".  People value the publication and use it!  I get returns on my coupons from the first day they hit mailboxes until after the expiration date.  The response is the best I've ever experienced with coupons anywhere.

I've been working with Chuck Caldwell for 3 years now.  This guy knows his business.  I find the level of service superior.  He is consistent, timely, helpful and understanding--professional!  The Community Shopper is a great value--one that has proven to be a moo-velous "fit" for Mae's Cafe.

Jeanne Barwick ("Mae")

Mae's Phiney Ridge Cafe



I have been advertising in the Community Shopper as the exclusive Auto Repair shop in Kirkland for 10 years.  I like the exclusivity!  Each mailing attracts new customers and brings back repeat customers.  I view the Community Shopper as a partner in my business.  It is a great way to keep my presence in front of potential customers throughout the year.  The Community Shopper will continue to be an integral part of my advertising plan.

Jeri Lucas
East Urban Auto Service




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